Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.0.3 for iOS

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.0.3 for iOS (21.4.2017):

  • Added support for opening sessions from PUSH SmartGauge app
  • If expert setting ‘Save device output’ is turned on, empty sessions will not be discarded
  • Fixed: Corrupted .ods exports when special character was used in metadata or trap names
  • Fixed: Internal camera settings not properly configured
  • Fixed: Out-of-memory crash while exporting VBO., .CSV and .NMEA formats
  • Fixed: Out-of-memory crash when recording with Wi-Fi OBD-II
  • Fixed: Possible crash when remote controlling GoPro HERO 5
  • Fixed: GoPro chapter file detection did not work for video files in Photos album

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.0.2 for iOS (31.3.2017):

  • Implemented expert settings screen
  • Fixed: Crash when sharing a file, eg. via ‘Import with DropBox’
  • Fixed: Partially broken GoPro chapter file detection
  • Fixed: Crash when queuing multiple video downloads
  • Fixed: Crash when exiting video list before all visible thumbnails were loaded
  • Fixed: Support for XGPS160 firmwares v2.4.x and v3.4.x
  • Fixed: Broken animation when opening a group in video list
  • Fixed: Comparison lap selection shown when no laps to select
  • Fixed: Wrong margin in device status list when recording

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.0.1 for iOS (15.3.2017):

  • Fixed: Sometimes struggling to start video playback
  • Fixed: Track editor screen did not unlock from ‘my location’ after the map was panned, which made editing impossible after tapping ‘my location’

Change log for RaceChrono Pro v5.0.0 for iOS (2.3.2017):

  • Initial release