Problem with Qstartz BT-Q818 Extreme on Nokia

First of all I would like to say that RaceChrono is really wonderful software and to have better resolution for analysing cornering speeds, I bought recommended Qstarz 5Hz edition GPS receiver.
I would like to apologize because my problem is not RaceChrono related (receiver works great with RaceChrono) but because there are many users here that have Nokias and these receivers i thought it should be a proper place to get help.

The problem is that programs in which you can select receiver work (RaceChrono, Garmin XT) but the programs that don't have receiver selection report GPS not available. These programs are Nokia GPS Data and Nokia Sports Tracker.

Thank you for your help!


  • I already found the solution, I had to erase receiver I previously used from bluetooth paired devices. Now everything works fine.
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    Great to hear you found the solution!

    All of the Nokia software use an internal API that automatically use the paired devices list for selecting the default GPS device. So the old one needs to be unpaired, so another one can be used.

    RaceChrono also uses this same API when GPS type is set to "Internal GPS", hence a Bluetooth GPS can also be used through that setting... :-)
  • Thanks for the explanation, its obvious that you have great comprehension of these technologies, otherwise you wouldn't be able to create such applications as RaceChrono.
  • aol you have in the setting manual that you can select which BT device to connect to. I used to have the iBlue 737 then now the Qstarz extreme - they both said iBT-GPS on your screen, although I have changed it to their name on the Bluetooth list on the phone.

    Anyhow, I found i don't use the iBlue anymore so I delete it as well.
  • Hi takahashi, Ivo from italy. May I have some replys on my doubt both on BT GPS 5hz than on BT OBD reader. I'm ready to buy, just some question to a user of devices and I buy and contribute to racechrono. My email is: May You send me an email ? Thanks, ivo
  • Takahashi, I think iBlue and Qstarz use same Bluetooth name, and RaceChrono does not care about the name you change in the Bluetooth list :-)
  • @primozm

    Could you check if the nokia sport tracker new version will log with 5Hz receiver. I am just curious thats all.
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