UPDATED 28.4.2016: Backing up RaceChrono data manually



  • Do you see the tracks in My Tracks or not? You should if you copy the track_storage.json to correct location while RaceChrono is not running.
  • And if you still fail at this, I recommend you to share the tracks one by one and then open them in the new phone. Unfortunately the batch backup/restore feature is still under development.
  • I have no tracks folder that I can find, just sessions, json, input, and examples. now that I look at it the track_storage.json file is 0 bytes. On my old phone somehow this all works. Input is empty, BTW.
  • The tracks file is not 0 bytes on the old phone if you have tracks. You need to copy that file and you'll get your tracks. Trust me, I programmed it.
  • You, of course are correct. I found that when using Astro file manager it will read files as 0 kb until you refresh it. Nice huh? Anyway I have the files and folders in place for about the 10th time and still no luck. I open a session and that session opens without lap data or real session info like number of laps. Then if I go back into Sessions the size of the session I opened is zero.

    Do you have problems with Motorola G5s phones maybe?
  • The important thing is to have the tracks in place (in "My tracks" list). Once you have that you can always re-select the track from the list. Although if you copy the track_storage.json and sessions from same phone, then it should just work. If you share the tracks one by one (my other suggested method), then you need to re-select them for every session.
  • Well that is indeed weird. I do have all the tracks intact but when I open a session there is zero data and also no name, description, miles, lap count etc. Is there a third file that links tracks to sessions? When I open a session the proper track is included. It's like the data is just purged from the session. Since the two phones have the same version maybe I should copy add'l files to my new phone to see if something else will fix this problem. Thoughts?
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    If you open the "Route", what do you see? If you see your driving line, then session is intact. Then you need to re-select the track, even if it looks like it's correct already. If you cannot see anything then you've failed to copy the session. Did you create an archive on the old device, or did you copy files one by one?
  • In my last attempt I copied full folders to the new phone after deleting the same folders in the phone. The route is intact when I open a track, including splits. When I open a session it's basically empty of any data or a map. BTW, on the old phone I had many updates to my RaceChrono. I have used the program for a number of years.
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    Only way that can happen is when the time/distance channels have corrupted on the sessions...

    Notice it's important to archive the folders on the old phone (not copying through USB), as some older Android are buggy and can corrupt the files. Then move that one file out of the phone through USB or upload to cloud.

    If you archived (zip/rar) the folders on the old phone, and you're still seeing this problem, please share the archive to me and I'll have a look. You can send the package to tracks(at)racechrono.com . If it's very large (> 50mb) then put it to DropBox or Google Drive and share a link.

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