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Predictive timing display

Hi, I have been using RaceChrono Pro for the last few events I participated and I'm really happy with results. I appreciate the simplicity and straightforward approach to lap timing, especially these related to predictive timing and analysis. The only thing I miss is the ability to customize the screen which is presented during driving (or have alternatives to default screen). The main screen currently has number of information (last lap, best lap, previous lap), which I don't really care about during the lap. I would really love to have the option, which would allow to change this screen and present only predictive timing, but on entire screen area and/or in the center of the screen with the bigger fonts. Other data may be available, however in smaller version. The second feature is the coloring. Current version display predictive timing filled with red when going behind best lap and green when going ahead. It would be more helpful if the coloring was related to current speed vs reference speed from the best lap, so even if I fall behind the best lap I can compare my speed on the straights and analyze how the corner exit influenced straight line performance. It can be presented as a bar to present also the speed difference (not only if the current speed is higher/lower than reference). I attach two wireframes to help understand the idea :-)


  • aolaol
    edited March 2015
    Reworking the timer screen is on my TODO list, so your wireframes will come in handy, thank you! Main point for the reworking would have been the visual time delta that you also have in your proposal. But while I'm at it I will also look the other parts of your proposal, mainly the big delta numbers. I cannot give any estimates but I will be looking at this after couple of smaller iterations before I can start working on it.
  • Thanks, I'm looking forward to test these changes, so if you need some early beta testers or design support for android - let me know!
  • I will, thank you!

    PS. there is a public beta group you can already join:
  • Thanks, already joined :)
  • Hi all, predictive timing is a great feature, if I can say something on my experience it would be useful have also the cents, and if possible, the chance to preload the best lap in a previous session, if last week, last year I was in the same circuit and I want to compare the today session with the old one, I'd like to extract the best old lap, to load in racechrono and to start the session comparing my laps with my best ever.
  • enri996, preloading is already possible.

    1) Start new session
    2) Tap the "graph" button on top of the screen to go to session overview
    3) Go to lap list's header and click the overflow button (button with three dots)
    4) Select 'Add reference lap'
    5) Pick your reference lap
    6) Go back to live screen, and the predictive timer will compare to the reference lap you've just selected

    Might not be entirely obvious... :)
  • What, really? {smacks forehead}

    This is a cool bonus feature of reference laps. Could there be a shortcut to expose it better?

    I see that if there are multiple reference laps, only the last one is shown. So what do you think of using an action button to jump to the existing reference selection feature, and tapping the Best/Comparison section could rotate through the choices (that is, Best / R1 / R2 / Best again)?
  • "To clarify the idea I mocked it up. I think it's feasible and saves three taps when exposing the functionality. Let me know what you think (or also if you can't access this file). "

    I think that's doable. Just needs some small details.
  • I knew I needed to clarify so you could make sense of what I meant. Hopefully it's relatively easy to implement, compared to new development.
  • Sry to raise this from the dead but how can I use predictive lap timer? I'm only seen the time Delta when I cross the split mark but no predictive lap timer while racing.
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