• I will approve user submissions manually, after checking they are real race tracks and correct. There's some 300 tracks currently on my backlog that I need to work through ;)
  • Hi,above is written - "after checking they are real race tracks and correct". Beware bug! Who will approve the official race tracks for HILLCLIMB races? Tracks of the European Championships have been exported and have never been officially recognized.
  • aolaol
    edited February 2018
    Hi @Milan, problem is that a lot of people submit tracks for their private runs on public roads. Racing on open public roads is not something I want to promote in any way. So I just tend to reject them without much research...

    But if there's such official race event held, and if mostly the same tracks are used again on future events, I will of course make them official. You'll just need to notify me by email tracks(at) , with links to this events etc, and have proper descriptions in the tracks themselves.
  • I understand and thank you for the report.
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