Racechrono Touchscreen is no longer supported? - w/ RaceDAC

Have a TS (with remote GPS) and it seems to be no longer supported fully; phone versions are more popular (or easier etc, understandable) to update and so forth. I prefer a dedicated unit on track and it suits me perfectly mounted to the centre of the steering wheel instead of a phone. Is there any impending or intended updates to incorporate the RaceDAC features like the android version, or is it dead and buried? It is a great little unit, but having to replace it with a phone (with all their inherent disadvantages) for minor functionality updates is an inconvenient (and expensive) proposition. Cheers


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    Hi Kthree,

    The Touchscreen version is still supported, but the Android app is a completely separate project. Due to the fact that the Touchscreen device runs Windows CE, the RaceChrono on it is also based on the RaceChrono for Windows Mobile, and it's not possible to run the Android app on it. There's currently no plans implementing RaceDAC support for it, but note that Roost Industries handles the hardware business and the support for the device. I'm simply the author of this software. :)

  • Ah i see, thanks for the clarification!
  • an update; Data from RaceDAC is recorded on the Racechrono TS and viewable etc, however exporting it does not give me the rpm/tps/brake etc; all come up as '0'. Is there some way i can alternatively convert the session data to .csv to include the RaceDAC data? I'm using Racerender3 for lap comparison (or trying to) and need this info to work out braking points, shiftpoints and so forth. Cheers
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    Hi Kthree,

    Are you able to copy the raw data from the TS device to a PC?
    The PC version of the RC is able to export also the rdac data to .csv file.
  • That's what i usually do, copy/paste to PC then convert but doesn't export the logger data (that is viewable on v1.45). I have a software engineer looking into it, but without source code it's very difficult to work out. All help is appreciated
  • What is the version number of the PC RC?
  • v1.43, cheers
  • Well, update it to 1.45. That will solve your problem.
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