Cannot export videos from Mobius Action Cam

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I just bought the Pro version and have linked several videos to sessions from my most recent track day. All works fine until I try to export them. The export fails and the queue says "failed, process died". Same problem for either internal or external memory. Videos are .mov files created with Mobius Action Cam. Tablet is Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro with Android 4.4.2. Any suggestions?


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    Can you share one of the video files to me? Put it to DropBox, Google Drive or such, and email me the link at tracks(at) I do not have sample from this action cam so it will be very useful. Please share the session it self to same email, so I can easily test it.

    You could try to uncheck the "hardware acceleration" checkbox at export config. Then the video export will use FFmpeg software codecs instead of hardware codec.
  • I sent an invitation to my Dropbox folder containing the full day's sessions and a sample of the video from the Mobius camera. The video goes with the second part of the last session of the day. Thanks for the help! Bill
  • BTW, I couldn't find a hardware acceleration or export configuration settings anywhere.
  • The hardware acceleration checkbox is where you configure the laps and format for the export. On bottom of that page.
  • Thanks. I found it and tried unchecked and checked at various qualities, but still no luck.
  • OK, I'll try to find out what's wrong with the source video file you've sent me.
  • Thanks, Antti. I really like the product!
  • Did you ever have a chance to look at the video file I sent?
  • Sorry, no. I'll try to do that ASAP.
  • Thanks, Antti.
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    Sorry for taking this long to look at the problem. The video file in question does not work for export as the audio format is unsupported in Android; it's silent when you play it back in Android's video player. I can fix encoding in the hardware codec for next version, but the exported video will be silent too.

    What you can do is try to use some software to transcode the video before uploading it to the phone. The Video stream can be intact, but Audio needs to be AMR codec. This way you will get both video and audio on the phone.

    You might also try to see if the camera has any audio encoding settings.
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    I made some fixes to the hardware accelerated exporting, so it allows input video with unsupported or no audio track. But like I mentioned before, the exported video will have no audio.
  • Thanks very much Antti. I had noticed the video was silent in RCP, but didn't make the connection. I'll see if I can find a way to transcode it.
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