Can I use the record video / overlay without a defined track?

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Ok , Basically What I want to know is could I without having a defined track setup .

Turn on the Recording , and have data like speed , and G's for say a hill climb ,

I did an event a month or so ago where I forgot to put the finish line on a mile long course . and ended up not having any data because of that . But I also do other things and sometimes I dont have the opportunity to make a start / finish and a track lay out for an event .

I'm wondering if race chrono / doesnt matter if its the pro version I will get it asap if I can record my runs by pressing start , have data like speed / G forces , and other data .

or am i FORCED to be in a track for this app to work . I want something I can just turn on and turn off on a moments notice .


  • Hi Tem120,

    You can do video without the defined track, but then you need to export the whole thing as one big video file. Did you know you can create the track AFTER? You can do it at pits, or infact even months afterwards. The lap times will be recalculated, and everything will be like you had the track in the beginning.


    There's two ways you can create a new track:


    i) Start a new session and pressing the "Create new" button. New empty track is created, but you still need to add the few timing traps to it.

    ii) While driving slowly around the track (if possible safely), press "Add trap" and then "Add start/finish". Now the track is created and it has a finish line.

    iii) Add additional Split traps similarly if desired. Lap timing starts immediately after adding the "Start/Finish" trap.

    iv) On the white box with track name and "Add trap" button you also have "Open" button. Press that and Track editor will open. You can change the track name here and adjust the traps you've added.


    i) Open the session from RaceChrono > Tracks > your session. Session overview will appear.

    ii) Press the "Select track" button (or alternatively "Track > Select another".

    iii) Press "New track" (the plus icon on top of the track selection screen). A new empty track is created and selected for that session.

    iv) Back at the session overview screen press at the track button again (now with "New track" title), and track editor will appear. You should be able to see the driving line overlaid on the areal images.

    v) Press "Add trap" from top of the screen (the map marker icon).

    vi) Select "Start/Finish" as trap type and give the track a meaningful name.

    vii) Press "Move" and move the crosshairs to the location of the finish line in the track. Zoom in if needed.

    viii) After the trap is at correct position press "Rotate". Rotate the arrow tip pointing to the direction of travel in that part of the track.

    ix) Go back to the session overview, and you should see lap times, if you positioned the Start/Finish line correctly.
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