RaceChrono Wish List

Here is the current wish list for RaceChrono:

• Google Earth really time lap ( Probably more of a Google Earth thing )
• Ability to combine different sessions
• Exported files with the same name as the session as opposed to a random number
• Remote RaceChrono, ability to view real time lap times from a remote phone.
• Audio notices of better/worse sectors and laps
• Ability to mark multiple laps for export
• Configurable timer freeze lengths
• Accelerometer support (+ lean angle calculation + drift angle calculation)
• Switch MTK receivers automatically to 5 Hz
• TerraTrip rally computer functionality
• Aero drag calculation mode
• OBD2 screen with all channels, no logging
• Power at the wheels generation or power curve generation
• Option to automatically drop incoming phone calls while in session.
• Option to display (maybe flashing) message on screen sent as sms from predefined phone
• emit warning tones when a certain channel goes off limits
• Ability to read/reset OBD-II fault codes
• Optional white background color for OBD/GPS data and graphs.
• IR support to control cameras
• Wiimote support
• Record borders for tracks
• Braking power + distance calculation to performance testing
• Support for Innovative Motorsports products (LC-1, OT-1, LMA-3, SSI-4, etc)
• Better touchscreen support, especially when adding traps.
• Export simple lap times view / sectors etc to CSV
• Full-screen in WM
• Session list with more information on the screen (all the options and maybe best lap etc)
• Switch prev/best in lap timer every few seconds in landscape mode
• Auto mark invalid too slow laps
• Time slip graph (implement by speed difference?)
• Reverse tracks
• Live replay (simulator style, traqmate example?)
• Performance testing: Optional end speed for 66ft instead of the current exact number.
• Friction circle
• Custom display modes (for laps)
• Acceleration circle
• Lap time chart as graph
• Sector-to-sector time in addition to the current start-to-split timing.
• Top-speed mode as performance test
• Show the comparison lap in sectors/traps/highlow mode too.
• New display mode for laps. Show where you are faster than the comparison lap in green, and where slower as red.
• Hot keys for Windows version
• Notes for performance runs
• GPX import
• Twitter for real time data
• Automatic track selector (no need to select track manually)

Please reply with any new wishes.


  • Please see the "Previous RaceChrono Wish-List" thread for previous discussion. The thread was getting quite long, so here's a new one for new ideas.
  • How about an aero drag calculation mode? Using coast-down tests, you can determine the CdA of a vehicle. What I'm thinking is when you select the coast-down test, you have directions on screen like "select neutral" and "accelerate to 60mph". By completing several runs, you can show a best, worst and average reading. This allows you to compare several different aero packages back-to-back without spending big money on wind tunnel time. This is an archive of an online calculator:



  • Very interesting! That would not give absolute values due to drive train and tire drag, but well comparable. Thanks for the idea!
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    Yes, it's best guess but allegedly good enough to make useful comparisons. It won't pick up very small changes though, as it's not quite accurate enough. Of course, what you end up with after a single measurement is a total of rolling resistance and air resistance. The idea of doing a measurement from 15mph to 10mph and a second measurement from 60mph to 55mph is that the air resistance is negligible at 15mph, yet it's around two thirds of the overall resistance at 60mph. As rolling resistance rises with speed (there's 4 times the rolling resistance at 60mph as there is at 15mph), air resistance cubes with speed. The idea being that you can estimate the rolling resistance and the air resistance with these two measurements.

  • I have OBD2 wish:
    Live data screen - mode that would allow to display data from OBD2 channels live.
    (without logging, just to display selected obd2 channels)
    I think this is a simple screen to make and would be veeery nice :)
  • Power at the wheels generation or power ciurve generation, requires smoother acceleration data and an input screen for mass, Cd, A and temperature to rho conversion.
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    • Switch MTK receivers automatically to 5 Hz
    Pay attention for this point...
    I have a Holux M1000 whit a MTK chip.
    I noticed is that upgrading the reciver to 5Hz sometimes some NMEA sentences are lost, even more for a couple of secs (even 4 sec); this probably becouse the GPS receiver is not fast enogh to send the data received and it's flodded by data....
    I found that the M1000 can be "upgraded" to 3Hz whitout data loss.

    Tnx for readind
  • aolaol
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    You can try to make some sentences less frequent to avoid flooding. Maybe leave only RMC and GGA as 5 Hz.

    This was is a good point, I need to do sentence selection as well if I'm going to implement this.
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    I was thinking today how can i fix phone in car so that screen can be visible and got some ideas about software.
    1. Option to automatically drop incoming phone calls while in session.
    2. Option to display (maybe flashing) message on screen sent as sms from predefined phone number. Maybe with extra large letters so that only short things can be displayed like "4/20"...
  • OBD II is nice for car, but something for bikes would be great. If there is no such thing then maybe at least a bluetooth 3axis accelerometer, RMP pickup & lean angle sensor (perhaps the accelerometer can get compensated by the info off the lean angle sensor).

    I would be willing to prototype this if needed.
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    Allow the software to run in full on Windows. Ideal for people with a Car PC.

    Allow MPH, not just KPH.

    Another popular test is 30-70MPH with a rolling start. Maybe configurable tests like this, or a way to pick just those bits out of the full tests?

    Multi tests: Allow logging of 0-100KPH, 30-70MPH, 1/4 mile all at once so you can log them all constantly while driving normally on the road or track.

    Merging data with the Innovate Motorsport data logging data.
  • aolaol
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    The full Windows version is coming! Configurable tests is a popular request, I guess I need to full fill that soon :)

    The "multitests" are sort of already there, as the selected test doesn't mean it is only one that is recorded, but it is the one that is displayed in the Live Timer. The rest are recorded too, and you can see them when you open any recorded run.
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    New to the forum, found the software very useful!

    One request, could the software emits warning tones when a certain channel (ie. coolant temperature) from OBDII goes over a user defined value?
  • Good idea, added to the to-do list!
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    My additions to the wish-list:
    1) Option to display white background with black (dark) GPS/OBD values and graphs, as I personally found current colour theme somewhat difficult to read on the sunny day (while driving, of course ;).
    2) Ability to read and reset fault codes using OBDII interface. Well, that's not really a purpose of the application, but would be nice addition :)
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    I have a few suggestions to help with video synchronisation (with Racechrono2Avi or any other soft).

    - Put a big "GPS clock" mode in the software : at the start of the session the user films its PDA showing this GPS time with its camcorder/video recorder and bam, easy synchro !
    - Basic infrared support to turn on recording via simulated camcorders IR remote control at the same time as session start
  • Great ideas, I think I'll implement the first one very soon. The second one would be really nice, but a lot of work, so probably not coming in near future.
  • New suggestion: exporting OBD2 data values to CSV file.
  • Another suggestion is to receive data from a budget accelerometer such as the Wiimote (bluetooth Wii remote) in order to have true G figures and not calculated ones.

    Of course that data should also be exported to the CSV file.
  • i think power at the wheels would be wery good:::))))
  • Many thanks Antti for the new 1.25 beta.
    as usual.

    Waiting for this new beta.
    testing next week on track.

    I ask again for wish list (already in list indeed, but asked priority).
    Please verify if you can add also sounds for better/worst split. While driving on track it is not always easy to give a look to the display. Sounds (also standard and system sounds without customising) will be surely appreciated.

  • aolaol
    edited May 2009
    Hi Ivo, yes I admit this would be very useful. Sorry for not being able to have too many new features in this release, as most of my time have been gone to make the new platform independent user interface. I hope to have many cool features (including the sounds) in the next one!
  • I'd like to see my current speed in the Live view if possible.
    Lower left corner maybe... as an option.
  • There is current speed in the gauges (you can change the satellites to speedometer with left/right keys). Or did you mean it should be available in the "simple" view?
  • Hi aol, it would be cool if it had a manual record mode for saving tracks.ie do a lap inside and outside and save as track, and once people have recorded they could be put up on your site to share. The borders could then export on to the interface with data.
    Cool app. Cant wait to try it.
  • @aol: yes, in the simple view would be useful.
  • I will ask also for "Braking power and distance/time" Performance Test.
    I've tried to create a new test with:
    start speed 150kph
    end speed 50kph
    and distance
    but system error for end speed lower than start.
    It could be interesting to verify:
    stopping time
    stopping distance
    calculated mean deceleration
    in order to verify brake system both in cold situation (the first brake) then in warm situation (the tenth brake)

  • Another One Dream.
    I use OBD II bt and the screen of a 2din navi (through video input) for racechrono and obd data visualization.
    It could be wonderful to visualize OBD channels on navi screen.
    This could perfectly substitute additional instruments on the cockpit.
    May you add a custom config of the screen in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 window frames in order that user can define how may window frames visualize and the content of each viddeo frame.
    I've tried obd-II on a Audi S3 8P and there are a lot of interesting channels....
  • R-Power: Thanks, added to the list (OBD-II wish was already there).
  • Hi,

    My biggest wish is that Race Chrono could be made available for Windows Mobile 2003 !!! I have a nice Pocket PC with Win Mobile 2003, it is completeley useless, ideal to use as lap timer if only Race Chrono could be installed.
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