best software for laptop

hi, firstly thankyou for the software, successfully installed on my nokia n96.

i found out about racechrono from somebody i met at a trackday and he was using some software on his laptop called performance box, he connected his phone to his laptop and uploaded his session to performance box which analised the data.

my questions are.

is performance box the best software to use.

will my internal gps (n96) work ok, ive been told the internal gps on the n96 is a big improvement over the n95 or would you recommend an external one, if so which and where from in uk.



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    Hello Mark,

    Yes, you can use PerformanceBox Performance Tools software to analyze RaceChrono sessions. Just export the session in suitable format. Another software is called Danas I2M. Both software have their Pros and Cons, but for me the Danas works better. It is quite slow though, and sometimes a bit confusing.

    About the GPS, I haven't tried the N96, but it's probably same as with other recent Nokias. They are improved a lot, but as they are 1 Hz, they can't match the 5 Hz receivers like Qstarz BT-818 eXtreme, or BT-818X. I still think any good external (even 1 Hz) is better than internal, but the internals are getting better and better, so I might be changing opinion in the future.

    Notice that an external receiver can be installed almost anywhere (ducktape to roof, or helmet or...) as with the phone you would not do this.
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    Hi, is either Danas or Performance Tools able to show a delta view time trace (i.e. showing exactly where time is being lost or gained?) It is an extremely useful function and in most data logging software.

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    At least I haven't found such feature in them... But I guess it would be nice addition to RaceChrono as well!
  • thanks for your advice, one more thing, i have searched the internet for the bt-818 and cannot find one in the uk, can you recommend a supplier.

  • The correct type is BT-Q818 eXtreme and BT-Q818X, both are 5 Hz. Normal BT-Q818 is only 1 Hz.

    Not UK store, but US$ is cheap:
  • Is Dana I2M freeware? Sorry but I can't quite locate the proper link to download onto the PC.
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    Surf to , notice the pages are available both in English and Italian. Download the "Danas" installer for the analyzing software.
  • Thanks aol! DANAS seems to be very machine-oriented, with rev analysis and gear analysis. Ideal for checking one's mastery of the machinery. Unfortunately I am too dumb to be able to import RaceChrono data directly into the DANAS txt format.

    Performance Box uses standard .vdo exportable from RaceChrono. It is able to provide terrain analysis. I especially loved the Radius Of Turn axis view.

    Now it's time to find that laptop...
  • Exporting to Danas works same as PB export. Just select the Danas (.dat) as export format.
  • Ach silly me. Should have checked more thoroughly.

    Am using a QT-1000P by the way. Wonderful.
  • thanks aol for your help so far

    i used the racechrono on my nokia yesterday at snetterton

    i have downloaded performance box

    i now want to take the file from my phone and put it on my laptop so i can analyse on a bigger screen
    i have tried but failed

    can you help please

    all the best
  • You need to export to 'vbox format'. The file is generated to \RaceChrono\Exports\ on your memory card. Move that file to your PC, and load it on Performance Box Tools. You need to change the file type on load dialog to see this file. You should see your route now. You need to define start/finish line now before calculating lap times. If you are using 1 Hz GPS, performance box will show your laptimes only in 1 Hz granularity.
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    i have 3 different memory locations

    1. phone memory

    2. mass memory

    3. f-no name, which has a picture of an sd card, i expect this is the memory card.

    if i open the memory card i only have the racechrono programme, im sure it is the programme because if i try to open it it asks if i want to install, there is no folder that says racechrono in this location.

    if i open the mass memory there is a folder called racechrono, if i open racechrono there is 3 x folders, one called exports which is empty, one called sessions which is full of files - 6 x notes and twice as many with icons of a circle with a ? in it. and one called tracks

    if i open the phone memory i have the same folders as the masss storage but they are all empty

    i trust that i cannot find the relevant files, i have looked on racechrono in settings-general settings and the memory selected is mass memory

    please help aol i am out of ideas
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    Ok, I think the files will go to "E:" (not the memory card) if you have a N96. You need to export first, and then the files will appear to the Export folder. See manual:
  • right i am getting closer, i have put the files on my laptop now, i have the file on my desktop as a vbox file, when i go to performance box tools - import data - the only file type in the list is google, does this mean performance box will only open the file if it is exported from the phone in google hml, although i have tried this and could not get my laps to show
  • Don't use import data, use "Load all", change file type from the drop down box to *.vbo.
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    If I load a single exported lap on performance box(or all laps, the result is the same) it tells me: "this file contains dropout. Please use file repair..." I've tried file repair, but nothing seems to happen. I've also setted the start/finish point, it works only if it's positionated in a different point than on racechrono.

    But.... I'm getting closer to the final result with danas :) Hope to post a guide soon!

    Do you know how to analyze (compare) different runs on a special stage(start and finish are not the same point). Danas seems to support only start/finish in the same position :(

    Thanx for you great job!
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