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I've previously asked whether you would port an iPhone versions of the wonderful Racechrono but after much thought and to-ing and fro-ing I decided to go for the HTC Touch HD mostly because of it's lack of restrictions on GPS and Bluetooth unlike the iPhone. I'm very happy with the Touch HD but wish I could run Racechrono on it. I've looked into other Windows Mobile GPS lap timers and they just don't compare.

So long story short and I know it's a big ask but is there any chance of a WM version in the near/far future?

All the best,


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    Yes! In fact I've just announced there will be WM a beta in two to three months. I've got all the core stuff working, but now I need to program the user interface.

    I've picked WM as the next platform for these reasons: It has unrestricted GPS and Bluetooth, C/C++ programming interfaces AND substantial user base.

    iPhone has the last two but not the first, so tough luck iPhone users! Lets hope there will be firmware that fixes these limitations, as the iPhone version would generate the ultimate buzz and hype...
  • One word "SWEET" !!!

    Please put me on the beta list as I've found that your betas are more stable than many developers 1.0 releases. Hope I can use it for our annul trip to the Nurburgring in May.

    Thanks AOL, I'll keep spreading the word
  • So glad to hear this great news.
    Thanks AOL,ur RaceChrono symbain version is working profect on my nokia n93.
  • Please put me on the beta list!!! I need for Windows Mobile version!
  • Sure! The beta version is still maybe two months away, stay tuned :)
  • Please send me beta version
    HTC S630 (excalibur)
    Windows Mobile Smartphone Edition 6.1
    Resolution 320x240 (16:9 screen)
    No touchscreen
    No GPS

    I already installed 1.10 on my Nokia 3230 and it works fine!! great job!!

    Tomorrow i must go on track with my kart and i want test it with my WM Smartphone

    Hope you reply as soon as possible

    Many Thanks

    Roberto Serpico
    Naples (italy)
  • Sorry Roberto, the WM beta is still maybe two months away!
  • i have a motorola A1000 too
    symbian UiQ and touch screen
    no gps integrated but AGPS (i'll use it with external GPS bluetooth)

    Have a beta simbian UIQ version to send me?

    Sorry for the off topic

    Many Thanks


  • Sorry, no UIQ version is coming, as there will be no new UIQ phones anymore (it will be merged with S60).
  • Hey.
    Will there be Java version (like for Sony Ericsson)? If yes, when it will be?

    Thank you for such a great program.
  • The Java version is just in idea level currently, not sure if it will happen or when...
  • Hello from Croatia!

    I am using your S60 3rd version on N95.. works great!
    I'm still waiting for accelometer support in new version, I hope..

    my question is: I have an GPS unit in my car that is based on WIN CE 5.0 wich is similar to WIN Mobile.. I think.. is it posible that you will release an WIN CE version aswell?

    thank you
    keep up good work!
  • Sorry the accelerometer support like all other Symbian developments have been in hold until I have the new touch UI and windows mobile version ready :) The WM 5 and 6 will be supported first, I'll think about CE later.
  • Hi, aol. How is progress with the wm version? Looking forward to getting my hands on the beta version.

    I've been playing about with
    It's an impressive facility for recording gps journeys and publishing the details. The idea of using a web server to do some anaylysis of data uploaded directly from the device is very cool, and could be something for the future of racechrono. I only wish I had any expertise to offer! I'll stick to end user testing :-(
  • Hi Scwirral, the WM beta version is in schedule, so probably in one month time. It already runs on target devices, but still is missing too many features.
  • Hi AOL,
    I'm very much looking forward to the WM version when it comes out. Please can you tell me if it will be possible to import my old sessions from my Nokia?
    Thanks J
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    All the old sessions will work on WM!
  • Hey there!

    First of all, thanks for the application. It's truly an excellent piece of software. I've tried it on Mantorp Park and Kinnekulle Ring here in Sweden. Unfortunatly I've bought a new phone that doesn't run s60. :( What would it take for you to bump the J2ME version? ;)

    Wouldn't a J2ME version benefit most people? More cross platform compatible...

    I've got a Sony Ericsson C905 at the moment. I would love to see a version of RaceChrono for it. I'd pay for a multi platform license.
  • Problem is that for J2ME, a complete rewrite would be needed. But I will think about it!
  • Yeah, you do that. Meanwhile I'll try to get myself a cheap S60 based phone just for this purpose. ;D Thanks in advance.

    Btw. How cross platform compatible is J2ME anyways? It was supposed to be platform independent and all that when it came but there seems to be a lot of special scenarios anyway.
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    J2ME is supposed to be the solution for all these cross platform problems. But AFAIK the reality is, that it is still needed to do separate versions for almost each device type. I guess not much programming required, but testing and tweaking is annoyance. If I had a Java version, Android and BlackBerry would be in the reach as well, so I cannot ignore the subject ...

    BTW: As you must have noticed, you now have an option to buy a Windows Mobile phone or a PDA if you prefer that over S60. :)
  • hi aol, i am going to buy a new phone. May i know which model works the most perfect way for your latest application? Thanks
  • Hello! Many phones work perfect with the version 1.10 which is currently available for download. But as a phone like the Nokia E71 most!
  • Hi, aol. Glad to hear that the WM version is only 2 or 3 weeks away. I'm considering a Cadwell Park trackday on 6th April, so I'll be keeping everything crossed that the beta is available by then! (Failing that, I'll be nicking my biking mate's Nokia!)
  • Hi AOL, will the new WM version make use of the accelerometer in devices that have them ? Thanks J
  • emailletterbox: No. Atleast not at first, as there is enough work to in just bringing full Touch UI and all the features the S60 version has. I think the first WM beta will be missing stuff like OBD-II and track downloads to be able to release it faster.
  • I don't use OBD-II as I'm on a bike so that's not a big deal to me. Will we still be able to download tracks via a PC and transfer it the device ? Also it's good to hear that in the future the accelerometer might be used. Do you have a rough date when the beta will be released ?
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    Yes, you can still copy the tracks manually to the phone, with ActiveSync or to memory card. I hope to release the beta next weekend!It will look a bit rough, but features that are there, should work fine.
  • Hi aol,

    Thanks for considering the WM platform. Looking forward to the beta version.
    I have a track day this weekend, so it'd be great to have even a rough beta to tryout and give you feedback on. But from the comment above, it looks like I'll have to borrow a friend's Symbian phone for this. But hope to be using my PocketPC at the next one. Cheers and thanks again.
  • Hi aol,
    Got the beta, thanks! I'll try and use it as much as possible. Have a possible race on the 18th April and possibly a test session between now and then. So far it's installed well on a WM 5.0 device (, need to grap a GPS form a friend. Will be back with updates.
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