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SD card corrupted - where to restore session data to?

edited February 2017 in RaceChrono for Android
Hi all, I've been using this with great success and had no issues...till now. And it's not a fault of the software.
My phone (HTC One M8) has had a SanDisk SD installed and configured as internal storage.

RaceChrono was using this location to store it's data and all was well until the card became corrupted and unrecoverable. I had the foresight to save the data files from the session (well at least I hope they are) and I'd like to know what location they need to go back in. I also need to deposit the original video back into it's correct location so that I can through the export process again.

The data I saved is this:

I've got another card installed only this time I'm going to leave it as removable storage rather than internal storage. Racechono is currently installed on the SD card.
I've had a go at this and not been successful in fully recovering my session so that I can see all my lap data.

I'm quite disappointed since I just had my best trackday at Goodwood and achieved some good times. This data was going to be my learning tool for development.

I realise that this may be a basic problem but I'm at a loss and would really like to have this available, any help would be appreciated :-).

Thanks in advance!



  • aolaol
    edited August 2016
    Looks like you have files for one session. Place those in following folder on internal storage:
    RaceChrono: /Android/data/
    RaceChrono Pro: /Android/data/

    The last part of the path can be anything as long as it starts with "session_". The other parts of the path should be already existing after running RaceChrono at least once.

    More about files and backing up:
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