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My data collector project

I'm in the process of designing/prototyping/building a new data collector for myself and thought others might be interested in what I'm doing. I've started a dev-blog:

Here's a synopsis:

I'm building this device for use on my motorcycle (Yamaha YZF-R1) for future track days. I started with the simple requirement that it must be able to tap into my bike's CAN bus, which is made readily available through a 4 pin connector under the seat. But after doing a lot more reading, realizing I'd also need some sort of GPS unit, and looking at some other available products, I added a bunch more functionality. Here's the list of features I'm targeting:

* Read/decode CAN bus regular/extended messages (needs more testing)
* Send regular/extended CAN bus messages at regular intervals (this is coming soon)
* GPS/GLONASS support, 10 Hz update rate (will be 20 Hz in the future), 167 channel, 2.5m accuracy
* 8 analog inputs with 15V/5V input range on each channel, 12 bit resolution, up to 200 Hz sample rate
* 2 digital inputs with 5V input range to measure frequency, pulse width, pulse count, etc. to microsecond accuracy
* 9DOF IMU with 3 axis accelerometer, 3 axis gyroscope, and 3 axis magnemometer
* Temperature sensor
* Lookup tables for interpolated data translation of any input
* Bluetooth and USB output of all messages (fully configurable)
* Supports naming any input and output
* Vehicle powered, including vehicle battery backed real time clock (RTC)
* Supports $RC1, $RC2, $RC3 output formats for RaceChrono use, up to 100 Hz update rate
* Desktop software for complete device configuration (Windows, Mac, Linux supported)

I'll probably add a phone app eventually for some basic configuration, control, and independent data logging.

If any of these specs look familiar, like you've seen them on other products, that's no accident. Like I've said, I've done a lot of reading and I like my home made toys to be the equivalent, or better, of existing commercial products.

I'm currently working with components on a protoboard, but most of the firmware is complete. The desktop app is also mostly complete. As I add and tweak features both firmware and software get tweaked to match. See the blog for pictures/screenshots.

I'm also in the process of finalizing a schematic and will be doing board layout soon. I'll be doing a prototype run of boards and hand assembling some units for testing and eventual personal use.

(If the mods believe any of the following to violate forum rules, feel free to remove this part; it's not my intention to piss anyone off, just share.)

It has been suggested by friends and family that I should sell this thing as a commercial product. Is there any interest in this community for such a device? Can anyone suggest other communities that might be interested? I haven't come up with a pricing model for this thing yet, or even a name, but I was hoping I could keep the retail price competitive with other products that do far less. If there's enough interest, I'd probably do a Kickstarter or something with a target of 100 units to get started. If no one wants something like this, I'll just use the prototypes for myself and keep quiet.


  • Will follow your project with interest as I'm on the lookout for similar. Subscribed to your blog.
  • Cool, thanks.

    While subscribing to the blog gives me your email address, I don't think you automatically get notified when I post new content. I'm not sure if you're expecting that. I'm new to the blogging thing so we'll see when the next post goes out tomorrow. The main reason to subscribe is so I can send more important updates like if I ever do a kickstarter or something.
  • I am interested in such a device and will follow the development. Although my current bike (Honda SC59) does not have CAN, only K-Line...
  • I've started researching OBDII more intently. I'm going to try to implement support for at least the CAN bus versions, but I may also try to add support for ISO14230-4, which uses the K-line. One of the biggest problems I'll have adding all this stuff is finding a way to test it. I may have to pick up a OBD emulator or something.
  • aolaol
    edited September 2016
    Get a chip that does all the OBD-II protocols, if you already don't have one, possibly STN1110 for best performance? Obviously you need to test everything too.
  • That's an interesting idea. I was planning on doing it all myself on the MCU since it already has built-in CAN bus and plenty of resources. Adding the protocols is really just some coding (and testing, of course). I was shying away from adding yet another chip to the project as I was also originally shying away from adding ODBII support, but alas, ODBII certainly opens up a market if I decide to go commercial. I'll have to do more research into OBD dedicated chips. Thanks for the reference.
  • aolaol
    edited September 2016
    There's also the ELM327, but the STN1110 is cheaper, faster and better. I'm pretty sure it takes quite a lot of time to develop it by yourself! Maybe that time is away from the actual development?
  • Looking forward to the update of this project,
  • @frdfsnlght any progress?
  • @frdfsnlght I'm interested. Do you have a target date to get a step beyond prototyping. Eg. Beta testing ;-)
  • @frdfsnlght other than CAN many of your specs look like my internal project. Will pop over to your blog and do some reading. Is this going to be something you work on alone? Or is it going to be publicly available code etc?

    My bike doesn't have CAN as its old (2000 ZX-6R) so adding my own sensors to track things

    I am working on V3 of my data logger.

    V1 was simple Arduino mega based and did GPS and RC2 over BT. All I tracked in RC2 was brake on/off and throttle position (2 seasons ago) GPS was 10Hz

    V2 used a Teensy 3.6. Tracked throttle, brake on/off, front suspension travel. Logged to SD card and RC3. Full IMU readings as well as yaw, pitch, roll calcs. Did GPS at 25Hz and RC3 at 50Hz because started to run out of BT bandwidth

    V3 moving to FreeRTOS on ESP32 so I will have WiFi and BT capabilities. Want to add tire temp readings and add wheel speed sensors. Want to add RPM. Looking for brake pressure sensor that will fit on the bike instead of just brake on/off

    GPS I use with an external antenna.
    Using BNO55 IMU as its onboard angle calcs removed needed processing power in my logger.
    Plan to start testing soon the counter functionality of the ESP32 with the hope it will provide wheel speed and RPM capabilities. Then I want to see if I can create 3 IR sensors per module to point at the tire for IR temp readings. Better would be wireless tire pressure readings but that's on future list.

  • @J_D_W Wish to receive the continuous update of your product
    Username: frdfsnlght
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  • @J_D_W

    FYI. Bluetoothserial.h library is nearly implemented in the Arduino core for ESP32.

    I know the Espressif IDF has advantages, but personally I'm already familiar with the Arduino IDE
  • I have RFCOMM/SPP working in IDF already. I found the Arduino IDE a bit lacking and like some of the freedom of IDF (and Eclipse) vs Arduino. I was using Arduino as a component in IDF for a while but have removed that after some i2c adjustments.

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