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  • Can I have two bluetooth devices connected at once ? OBD with EML327 adapter and GPS receiver ?
    Is this how it works with android ?

  • aolaol
    edited December 2016
    USB readers do not work. Bluetooth ELM327 or compatible readers do work (OBDlink LX or MX recommended!), and you can have up to 7 devices connected simultaneously to the phone.

    BUT that said, even if OBD-II port exists in the bike, it doesn't necessarily mean it can be connected without proprietary software, as some motorcycles need initialisation with some encryption magic (such as later Triumph bikes).

    I normally wouldn't be interested working on manufactured specific OBD-II, but as I have a Kawasaki bike listed on that list, so I might be interested trying to figure out how to connect to it. Do you have any more information on that? Can you connect normal OBD-II with standard socket to the bike?
  • Looks like the protocol on Kawasaki is KDS. It uses a KWP2000 serial protocol, but doesn't have the OBD-II layer, so without a special adapter it will not work. On some Kawasakis you might be able to use OBD-II but on mine not.
  • here's someone's KDS => OBD-II project. It talks to the KDS and emulates OBD-II on the other end.
  • This seems like a lot of work and im not comfortable at all with coding etc.
    If there is no plug n play solution (or simple thing such as plugging some connectors) I will not be able to achieve this :(
    I really hope motorcycle makers will all make OBDII protocols on all bikes :/
  • Thanks for your time !
  • Hi all,

    I've been testing with OBD and Kawasaki's and found some interesting things.

    First of all I used a Kawasaki special harness to connect Kawasaki original connector to OBD Connector. The special harness part number is 57001-1868 and can be purchased on any Kawasaki Official Dealer.

    On older bikes with black diagnostic connector cap it's necessary to change the original tool white connector (because it doesn't fit, but can be done easily).

    I also used a cheap ELM327 just to test (I'm aware the recommended one is "slightly" different).

    Well, that's what I found.

    Kawasaki is manufacturing bikes with 2 kind of different diagnostics lines. The most used is the K-Line (4 pins connector for diagnostics) . This has a very low speed and needs to be "initialisated".

    On K-Line bikes Racechrono connected succesfully but didn't get any data from the bike.

    I also tested a CAN-BUS bike (Ninja ZX10R 2016). The special harness also has a connector for CAN-BUS bikes (6 pins). By using this it connected and send data to Racechrono succesfully, so it worked!

    Conclusions: If Racechrono had a "start communication" button just to start the K-Line transferring data the problem would be solved.

    I tested on OBD softwares just to read data and all of them need to "start" communication by using a button or similar.

    I don't really know deep inside how to initializate it (what message should be sent to ECU) but as long as K-Line is a standard protocol it can be easy to find.

    Hope it helps!!.

  • aolaol
    edited February 2017
    That's interesting research!

    What is included in the 57001-1868 (is it a connector, a cable or what?) and what does it cost roughly? My internet search resulted a boxed diagnostic kit costing ~900 euros... I'm not prepared to pay anything more than few euros + my time to get this working :) I don't think many users will pay such a price for it.

    I have a 2008 Kawasaki Z750 so I could test the 4-pin connector to see if anything can be done with it, if the connectors are cheap. Maybe I could see how other applications initialise the communications.

    Can you include couple of pictures and links where I could read more?
  • Hi all,

    Well first of all sorry, I mistake the special tool harness part number. The correct one is 57001-1864 and it must be about 35€ aproximately. There is no info about it on the internet but for sure I can send you some pictures!

    For your Z750 '08. On the diagnostics connector (with a blind black cap) you have four wires.

    Black - Yellow: This is ground.

    White - Yellow: Must be a positive. In your case it comes directly from ECU. On my '08 ZX10R it comes directly from current suply. Please check it's 12V before testing.

    Then you have two more wires. The Red - Yellow and Light green - Black. One of these two must be the K-Line signal wire. In my case is the Red/Yellow but you will have to check also.

    The 57001-1864 comes with a white 4 pins connector that doesn't match with your black connector. You will have to remove it with a sharp and small tool carefully. Then connect the 3 wires as follows:

    Yellow - Ground

    Brown - Positive

    Pink - K line signal

    Please take a look at this also:

    (forget about L-Line...)

    Hope it helps and can make it to work!


  • aolaol
    edited March 2017
    @GooseAlvaro That's great, thanks!

    Do you know if I can buy a connector that matches my connector directly? Would be great if I could connect without modding the bike ... I don't want to confuse my local maintenance guy.
  • Hi @aol,

    Well, I meant to change the special tool harness connector not your bike's one. In fact you don't need to buy any connector to match your bike; you can use the blank cap you're currently using on your bike (black cap with yellow insulators on diagnostics terminal).

    The work consists on removing the white 4 pin connector from the special harness and install the black connector already existing on your bike to the special tool harness. It fits perfectly.

    How can I send you some pictures of it? I think it would be clearer.


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