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Lap timer Views

Hi aol,

Any progress with new views of the lap timer? Set the background color, see only the difference vs the reference lap instead of all the data, see time by sector, etc.

Racechrono Pro is my favorite software on the circuit, but sometimes I am using harry's for the lap timer view. It bothers me because I think ALL other things are much better in Racechrono Pro, and it would be wonderful to renew this view.

Thanks for your work and sorry for my English!!


  • Working hard to get everything done before spring! Can you write a list of things you're missing from the Timer view? It's always good to hear insights from people using other apps ...
  • edited January 2017
    ok aol,

    I have made the following designs, I think they are quite clear. They merely represent the same information in a different way.
    The current view is useful, it would be great to move between them.
    When I'm on the track I like to see the most relevant information, at a glance.

    It is a pleasure to contribute in some way.

  • The last two pictures show time difference between current time and reference lap time, with a color bar. Green-left for faster and red-right for slower. The middle point would be 0.00 difference and the bar increases progressively to one side or the other.
    The time could be better below the color bar, fixed in the middle of it. I took the idea from here:
  • The delta bar is already something I've designed, it's actually already done in the Tag Heuer watch app. But did I understand correctly there should be a per sector delta bar as well? Also the sector chart is neat idea.
  • I also love racechrono. I use it for the motocross but the lap time is too small. It would be nice to have one like the harrys lap timer I used before. I hope that this change will come soon
  • Thank you for the feedback. Which display do you need to be large? The real time diff display?
  • It would be nice to be able to choose one of the three but the real time diff is good
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