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Ignore first lap for racing and start as soon as you move.

Is there a way to tell the app that the first lap was a sighting lap?
Also timing starts when you start moving after a pause of X seconds?
May be better to have these as timeline markers that can be adjusted at the end if they were incorrect.


  • aolaol
    edited February 2017
    You can invalidate the first and last laps afterwards from the context menu when tapping the lap number. Although it does not renumber the laps, so the lap #1 will be grayed (or hidden depending on your settings) and the first lap will be lap #2.

    Also I do have auto-start / auto-stop recording feature on my TO-DO list, although it has been there quite long ...
  • Invalidating the laps is fine. But unfortunately this doesn't work well in a race environment when I am creating a video. Unless I am doing something wrong?

    In my case:

    1) Sighting lap
    2) Practice start
    3) Race start

    I can invalidate the first two laps but when I export the video the overlay thinks this is lap 3 and the timer is already displayed as running.

    Perhaps if we had a 'race mode' we could invalidate the first 1 or 2 laps and the timer would start from lap 1 as you start moving. Or even set the lap 1 start position manually using the analyser would be good. So a 'trim' feature perhaps for trimming the data.
  • aolaol
    edited March 2017
    True, the invalidate does not affect the video overlay that much. Timer runs on invalid laps and they are counted.

    In the app itself it's important that all laps have numbers (even if invalid), but I see the point that on the video you might not want to have same numbering, and timer running on warm-up lap... I'll add a TO-DO entry for something like this. It might be a 'Race mode' on export config.

    And what comes to trimming the video in a race, my advice is to setup video export for the race laps (laps 3 - n), and then adjust the export start time by 10-30 seconds earlier. This way you get all race laps, and also the video from green light to start/finish line depending how far back you're starting.
  • My races are
    1. Sighting Lap
    2. Race Start

    Also may be a nice idea to be able to select the circuit and then put a large "START" on the screen that holds, at the moment I start it up in the pits then I can be waiting a while to grid up etc. This way you can do sighting lap, quick tap and start, nothing fiddly.
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