Racechrono for iOS

Will there be a racechrono available for iOS at any point? Could it work from wearing Apple Watch on wrist whilst riding on trackday?


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    Currently beta testing RaceChrono Pro for iOS. So it's close. Very close. You can see a few screenshots on the main page. Apple Watch support is not planned for now.
  • Just released it. Be the first one to buy it. Or maybe third. :)
  • For some reason my spider senses where tingling this evening and decided to look on RC website and OMG there's now a RC for iOS !!!

    I am super stoked as I've been using RC for almost 10 years now and can now use it on my iPhone !

    One question. How do I import my previous sessions ? Theres no file transfer available in iTunes. Maybe this is a future update ?

    Thanks Jel
  • I figured out that if I export my sessions individually as .rcz and then email them I can import them in iOS.
  • This is great news. I have a few friends that only use iOS and they will love racechrono. I may have some questions regarding bluetooth LE and trying to get the iOS version to communicate with arduino.
  • @emailletterbox well I thought you might like it, I already emailed you a month ago about it. Unfortunately my emails about a test version probably hit your spam folder. I'm glad to see you're still here, and now a happy RaceChrono Pro for iOS user!
  • @fieroguy19 feel free to start a new thread about supporting external DIY data sources through BLE. We should define a set of BLE Characteristics and a data format for that. Current $RC2/$RC3 formats are streaming data, and designed for RFCOMM, so they are not useful for this.
  • So loving having my sessions on my iPhone ! One question - Being anal retentive and liking things organised I have 1 session with the incorrect time stamp. Is there any way to correct it ?

    Thanks Jel
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    @emailletterbox the usual answer is no, as the timestamps are collected from the recorded channels. So even if you edit the meta data json, it will be reset back to the original value when you open the session. Although in theory one could delete some channels to erase that bad timestamp data... Most probably the internal sensors (if you have that enabled) time stamp calculation has failed.
  • Okay. I have a "timeCreated":1199262812000 what would I change that to to be 09 May 2014 ? Also I have 9 channel data files. Which on do you think would be the internal sensor ?

    Thanks Jel
  • So one more question and your going to hate me aol. Any plans to implement Apple Watch support in the near future ?
  • @emailletterbox They are java timestamps so you can convert here http://www.fileformat.info/tip/java/date2millis.htm . But like I said I think RaceChrono will overwrite that timestamp once you open the session. If you have only 9 channels, you do not have sensors recorded on that session. Probably the GPS gave wrong date at start ...
  • @emailletterbox No plans for Apple Watch currently.
  • Is there any way to compare laps from different sessions ?
  • @emailletterbox sure is, basically add a reference lap from another session. But let me do a quick tutorial on it rather than explain it here, I'll link it here once done.
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