Calibration for Samsung Innov8 GPS

Hi, i have a problem in that the Racechrono's program doesn't detect 0km/h when i am stationary. The slowest speed it indicates is 2km/h

This then prevents me from doing accurate performnce testing, and i am only able to test 80-120km/h and 100-200km/h times.

i noticed that this is not a problem on my sisters N79, so i'm assuming this must be a calibration issue with my phone, as route66 software is able to indicate a speed of 0km/h

has anybody else noticed the same issue?


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    Yes, definitely seems like a problem in the way GPS reports the speed. I have only Nokia phones, but at least they do not have this problem. Can you send me the NMEA log of such session to tracks(at) ? The NMEA can be found under \RaceChrono\Sessions\*-nmea.txt on your memory card. The files are named by start date and time.
  • Thanks for the fast response AOL

    I've mailed the files to you... i had 2 of them...
    I hope this helps.

    thanks for this brilliant software!
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