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Monitor TPMS values from OBD/CAN.

I have a Audi TTRS with tpms sensors in the rims and would like to have temperature and pressure monitored(logged) in the display while racing. Is there any method of getting these values into Racechono by the OBD channels?



  • I'm doing custom OBD-II channels feature soon. Question is can you get the values using some other app, and/or do you know the PIDs and equations used for this? These are not part of the standard, so you'd need to know the details even when I get the feature done.
  • I think you can address the can by PID:
    (YOU know this I guess.)
    VAG has channel 65 for the Direct TPMS.
    Can get the monitoring subchannels/codes when I check the next time.
  • If you can get me some kind of a log, it would be perfect.
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