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50Hz GPS Receiver?

Has anybody found a bluetooth receiver capable of 50Hz updates? If so have you tried it with RaceChrono?


  • aolaol
    edited April 2017
    I don't know of any, I think the VBOX Sport is currently the highest with 20 Hz. That said I think pure Hz is overrated, the accuracy of those updates is much more important. I'd take accurate 10 Hz GPS any day over 50 Hz that's not as accurate.
  • Hello i use 50Hz for a long time with my prototype device you can see data out of it here:

  • The GPS receiver I am using with my data logger project will technically provide 50Hz updates ( but I use it at 25Hz and use a micro-controller to pass the data over BT. And not sure if more GPS updates provide much except at higher speeds (>250kph?) where you are moving 70m in that second. I would need to review my data to see the resolution I am getting out of my module ... 1.8 - .9m?


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