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Video overlay quality

This discussion was created from comments split from: Video overlay(android).


  • Hi aol - I don't have external storage so am in \Android\data\\files\exports after making a video with overlay and I've copied the video from the phone to my computer just to check it over on a bigger screen but the quality is quite poor. It should be 1080p - is this a sort of preview quality video and when it goes to youtube it is uploaded in HD ???

    I like to do things on my PC rather than the phone, old man I know, everything is just easier and clearer on a big screen - is there any plan to have anything released for the PC to accompany the app ?

  • Hi,

    No plans to do a PC app.

    There is a quality setting (which affects bitrate only), both in video recording and in the export settings. You could check the raw video files for quality, if they're as bad, then the export quality setting will not help.
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