Real-time on-line lap analysis


i'm using RaceChrono with nokia E90 - no problems at the moment ;)

it's nice to export and analise data after going on the track, but i was thinking, if this is possible to analise it on-line...

i mean - during i'm on the track, somebody is checking on-line (software, website) how its going - he can compare it directly with different drivers, days, sessions etc.

Bartek from Poland


  • aolaol
    edited March 2009
    Yes, I agree these would be extremely nice things to have! We have some good ideas for on-line features, but unfortunately currently developing them has not happened, despite the great plans.
  • ok then - i'll wait for good news ;)
  • Hi!

    Nice soft. Great job. Thanks

    Just start test and using Racechrono. Just thinking how to set up system like this - I am Mac user and using Racechrono on kart. It will be very usefull to mount GPS reciever on kart and connect with Bluetooth directly to laptop. And instaed of taking phone and GPS reciever on kart someone else can check my speed and lap times in real time sitting outside track.
    As kart track is small I think Bluetooth coverage will be fine.
  • There is different classes of Bluetooth devices, which range varies between 10-100 meters. I doubt if even the 100 meters is enough? Nice idea though.

    Just tested: My phone seems to loose the Bluetooth connection after I walk 10-20 meters away from the GPS receiver.
  • @aol, I think uploading laps should be done over GPRS/UMTS using http calls. That is a very open standard and can be adapted to in many ways. And it is proven technology to work while moving, unlike BT.

    One idea is to have a 'Publish to' in the software.
  • I agree with the HTTP calls through a data connection. We've had many cool ideas for the online features, but nothing implemented yet due time constraints.
  • hi! how it's going with remote analising?

    i'm sure, there's many much important things, but maybe You can tell us, at least when we can expect this solution? i guess it will work over gprs - maybe we can even use windows PC version, to connect with some server...

    by the way - can I import my data to windows PC version of racechrono?
  • To be honest I have not done any work towards the Remote usage yet, but this feature is still intriguing me. My plan was exactly that, to use a intermediate server, and connect with other RaceChrono to it.

    You can copy your sessions from your phone storage (usually memory card) from folder \RaceChrono\Sessions\ to your PC folder \My Documents\RaceChrono\Sessions\
  • To be honest - I'll wait for this solution ;) Thanks!
  • If you need a server for this just let me know.
  • I think a start/finish line trigger would be great for the lap upload. Do you know what programing technologies you were thinking about for this?
  • The server side should probably be Java.
  • if there is a set of requirements I may be able to get some programers involved.
  • 2 years and still nothing? :/

    maybe somebody has an idea how to do it with this what we allready have... ftp client, auto sending files during racing or practice, changing folder to ftp location, downloading to laptop...

    come on! ;)
  • hi,

    This option maybe stepping on the RaceChrono roadmap's toes but have you thought of outputting the compiled data into a $RCsend string format out COM,BT or file (user defanible) ?

    This way others could develop a remote telemetry link system instead of RaceChrono trying to solve this problem?
  • While a direct send has not been put into place, we did set up a place to share laps.
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