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Gopro Hero Session compatibility?

I've just borrowed a Gopro Hero Session before I buy one. I am using RC Pro trial version on a Samsung S7 edge.
Is this GoPro compatible? I can sort of get it to work as a Hero 5 but the video quality in RC is very poor and it disconnects from the Camera Wi-Fi frequently. I paired using the GoPro app first and put the Camera into app control mode.
Is it just incompatible or am I doing something wrong?


  • aolaol
    edited May 2017
    1) Officially no Hero Session (without number) support, but I've been told it works fine. The Hero Session 5 is officially supported.

    2) Before you download the videos to your phone, you can watch them in low resolution through WiFi connection (the .LRV files). To get full quality (the .MP4 files) you need to download (or copy through USB/sdcard/etc) the videos to your phone.

    3) Does it keep disconnecting if you manually switch your phone to the camera's WiFi? RaceChrono does it automatically when you press connect, but you can do it manually before connecting.
  • Thanks.
    I've tried it a few more times and discovered the problem. When I select my external Bluetooth gps it constantly drops the wifi connection with the camera and the video stutters and has interference, then disconnects.
    If I select internal gps in the phone it is perfect. Unfortunately I don't have my Bluetooth goes with me right now so it obviously never makes a connection, it just searches for it. Could that be causing the issue?

    Also when you take the video off the GoPro, how do you sync it to your data collected in racechrono?
  • aolaol
    edited May 2017
    I suggest you try again when you have access to the GPS. The Bluetooth connection procedure is a radio intensive operation, so it might very well be the cause. You could also try without the preview picture, to reduce the bandwidth requirement on the WiFi connection.

    You could avoid the issue by not using the GoPro remote control feature. You can still manually sync the video files to your sessions:
  • Edited my last message, as only now I noticed that you did not have access to the Bluetooth GPS.
  • Great thanks. I'll do as you suggest.
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