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Setting preference lap

Is there a possibility to lock the first (or any lap) as preference lap? The race serie we are anticipating in is called RCN ( Nürburgring) , and the first lap is called set lap. The driver has to repeat this time further on in the confirmation lap. For example with Racelogic this is possible.


  • aolaol
    edited May 2017

    You can set a practice lap as reference, and then run your set lap to match that. It's not exactly what you want, but it will work.

    1) Start your session
    2) Select the track
    3) Press the 'Graph' icon on top
    4) Open the menu from the button on top of the lap list, and select 'Add reference lap'.
    5) Select a nice smooth lap with no obvious mistakes and correct time from your practice
    6) Your lap is now added to the lap list with "ref1" label. It is also with blue background which means it is selected as comparison.
    7) Then go back to live timer screen.

    Now the timer will compare to your practice lap. Even if you drive a faster lap, it will still compare to this.

    If I was to make this "set lap" thing a feature, how would one tell the app which one is the set lap?

    PS. Of course I know RCN, I've been in pit crew in couple of races :)
  • Hi, thank you for the quick respons. I completely forgot to answer.
    Tx, Ron!
  • Oh yes, about letting the system know it's a set lap; make a new full lap Nordschleife and name it Nordschleife RCN, the first lap is alway's the set lap. Btw the start/finish line is at T13. Would be great! (if possible).
    Kind regards Ron
  • Hi Ron, you can edit the track yourself; just press copy icon first, and then you can edit it as you wish. You can then submit it to the library, it will appear in "Pending review" section first.
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