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Transfer Data to Correct Track

By mistake I resumed the incorrect session. I was at Oulton Park but I resumed my Donnington Park Session. Is there a way to transfer over the data from DP to OP ?

While I'm on the subject why is there no longer a pause function on RC ?


  • aolaol
    edited June 2017
    Share me the sessions and I'll fix them. One can do that by manipulating the .RCZ file, which is an .ZIP archive really. Just move the resume_x folder to another archive. Send both files to tracks(at) and I'll do it for you.

    There never was a pause function. It was always "Stop recording" + "Resume" combo.
  • Hi aol

    I sent you both sessions a couple of days ago to the above address did you receive it okay ?

    Thanks Jel
  • So after looking at my session it looks like the GPS data is off by some way and has missed the Start Finish line. Is there anyway to correct this or do I need to create a new track and then import the data ?
  • Okay I created a copy of Oulton then made the Start Finish line larger so I can now see the lap times from my later sessions
  • Sorry for delay, emailed you with fixed session and some thoughts.
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