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Use on Android without a Sim Card. Pre load tracks??

Is it possible to use RaceChrono on Android without a Sim Card inserted? I am using a Galaxy Note 5 as a standalone device for my lap timing, it does not have a Sim Card, so therefore no data. I am using a Garmin Glo that is connected via Bluetooth. When I select Start then try and select a track nothing shows up because of no data, but my question is can I select my track at home using my home wifi and 'pre load' the track I will be visiting the following day? Will it save in the program for later use. Or do I need data the entire time RaceChrono is recording my laps?


  • Yes, open the app at home, and search for the track in the library. Open it and click the download button on the toolbar. Then you can use it offline. The satellite imagery won't work without data service, but lap timing etc. will.
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