Problem exporting overlayed video, IPhone6 and GoPro 3+

edited July 2017 in General

First of all great app! Works perfectly with external gps puck and GoPro.
However I have some problems managing to make an overlay video and exporting it to my phones storage. My GoPro is connected and I can link the laps and sync them to the video when it is still located in "camera storage". I have not copied the video to my phone, still on the GoPros memory card, the syncing works fine anyway as it finds the video through the GoPro. So far so good. When I'm done with that and want to export it to my phone so I can upload it to YouTube for instance it fails. i have chosen video channel 1 both in the session and also in the export function. But when starting the exporting it says "no data do export"? I suspect it somehow does not understand to look for the video file in the camera storage anymore? Is there a way around this?



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