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Obd connection check

Hello aol,
is there any option to check obd connection via bluetooth? I did not see any info about signals from vehicle online. If connection was ok, than analysis can show the data, but if connection was unsuccesfull, than this turn out when analysis did not contains any info from Obd.
I would like to know the state of obd connection under the run.
Thank you!


  • Hi Rich, notice the round red/green button on left bottom corner of the live recording screen? Tap that to get device status with device status and all the recorded channels.
  • Hello aol,
    Yes, I know the option, but unfortunately there is ni ubd device.
    First few time I can record signals from obd, but on last week I cant make connection with obd.
    Other diagnistic app can communicate fully with obd stick.
    This is why I ask the connection status other way to check.
    Do you have any idea, e.g. reinstall Racechrono?
    Thank you fir your kind hints!
  • You could reset RaceChrono's expert settings from the "X" icon on top of the expert settings screen. If that does not help, you could manually select the protocol used. Often Chinese bootleg OBD-II adapters are unable to automatically detect the protocol used.
  • Thanks aol, now it is working!
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