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Help for a complete new user - data connection and standing Start questions.

Hello fellow Racechrono users. I've just downloaded the app today with a view to using it in the racing I compete in.

The format of the competitions is off road or Cross Country rallying. Essentially a single rally stage which is point to point. We run the same stage multiple times but it's always the same stage and always open ended.

I've got my head around logging the track, marking the splits, marking the start finish etc.

However, I have a question regards the start. Our start is always a standing start. I've done a test track with a standing start trap and see it uses a large radius area. When we come to the start control we may move 4 or 5 times as the que of cars is set off at 1 minute intervals. If I use a standing start zone I'm guessing as soon as I move in the que the timer will start? So I'll need to make sure the edge of the start trap area is just taking in the actual start line? Or would I be better using a flying start a few meters beyond the actual start location and just factoring in 3 or 4 seconds on the total lap time?

My other question is around data signal. Quite often we race in the middle of a forest with no data (4g or otherwise). Does the map rely on a data connection when in use or can I log the track with gps only and then add in the traps when I have data? We get to walk / ride the track on the Friday evening so I could log the track then and add in the traps when I have wifi / data at the hotel on the Friday night. Would I be able to record sessions like this without data during the lap recording?

I'm mainly using this for the realtime comparison against best lap for now but will work in the camera functions once I have my head round the above!

Thanks in advance

Polaris Factory Racing UK


  • 1) Standing start. The first time car moves within the standing start area, timing starts. But if you stop (still within the area) and start again, the lap is restarted. You can also make the area smaller by editing the width.

    2) Data connection is not needed for recording, but you need to have the GPS receiver installed so that it can see the sky. It's always critical to do this, but much more so in rally stages as trees will be blocking most of the satellites. You'll need data connection when reviewing the data for the satellite imagery.
  • I've used standing start timing at a number of tracks, for sprints (essentially the same point to point track type as you, just on tarmac). It works really well and I've never had any 'false starts' while moving up the queue.
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