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How do I import the RCZ file into RC on my iPad?

I have the files saved from my phone onto Google Drive. Now I want to open them in RaceChrono on my iPad. There is no option I can find to open a file stored on Google drive. If I try opening from Drive, RaceChrono is not an available app to open the file with. Version RC Pro 5.0.4


  • aolaol
    edited August 2017
    A session file should open in RaceChrono the following way, but just tested with latest version of Google Drive app, and it is no longer working... I will investigate.

    1) Click your files in Google Drive app
    2) Blank black page appears with message "unsupported file type". Click the 'three dots' button on top right corner
    3) Select "Open in" from the menu
    4) After file has downloaded another menu appears. Click "Copy to RaceChrono". <= THE FILE SHOULD OPEN IN RACECHRONO BUT DOES NOT

    DropBox and iCloud Drive still works.
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