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Easiest way to record video/data for processing in RaceRender?

Have been manually syncing video for years with my old GoPro HD2 and RC Pro. Got a new GoPro Hero 5 Black and can finally control the device with RC Pro along with external GPS and OBD data.

I was under the impression that controlling the video from RC Pro would start everything at the same time and automatically have it all synced so importing to RaceRender is easy but appears not to be the case. My test recording has video and csv data that is different lengths so I still have to manually sync the video to events in the CSV export but I controlled it all from the app, what am I missing?

Is there a quick and easy way to import all the data and not have to spend a lot of time manually synchronising the different data sources?

Am I doing it wrong? Or is there a better app to use? I don't really want to export the video from the app as the size of the video files are way too big.


  • aolaol
    edited August 2017

    RaceRender does not allow ready made sync points, meaning there's no way to mark it in the CSV file. So for that you'll need to synchronise manually as before. The sync points are for RaceChrono's build-in video overlay generation.
  • No problems then Antti, thanks.

    I tried Dashware but it doesn't seem to like the fields using V2 csv export format. Doesn't pick up speed or any location data.

    Fields below:
    Time (s),Session fragment #,Lap #,Trap name,X-position (m),Y-position (m),Distance (m),Latitude (deg),Longitude (deg),Speed (m/s),Altitude (m),Bearing (deg),Lateral acceleration (m/s2),Longitudinal acceleration (m/s2),Device update rate (Hz),Lean angle (deg),Satellites (sats),Fix type (),Coordinate precision (DOP),Altitude precision (DOP),RPM (rpm) *OBD,Throttle position (%) *OBD,Coolant temperature (.C) *OBD,Intake temperature (.C) *OBD
  • Hi Dave,

    Please contact Dashware support if the v2 format is not working with it. Dashware is configured through a set of configuration files, so I wonder if you have the correct ones in place.
  • Will do.
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