help design me a setup?

i'm looking for a cheap, fairly easy way to acquire data that is reliable. i see some things about fragments or data missing, should this be a pretty easy thing for me to avoid? i have a blackberry and do not plan on switching my phone, so the nokia device i purchase for this would be used solely for logging data to export out later, csv data to play with the dashware software to add guagues to video taken with a chasecam setup.

in getting rpm data, it seems i can go the route of a gtech or an obdkey, the latter being cheaper and providing richer information as well as contributing to a racechrono data set, so i would not have 2 sets to merge. obdkey seems the way to go. if i let a friend borrow my setup, can he just pop the obdkey into his car? bluetooth obdkey to the US looks to be about $120.

i also want the gps data, it sounds like 5 hz should be sufficient. if it's not much more i could spring for a 10 hz device. i'd like one that is easy to mount and easy to transfer again. i have no idea what to look for with the many available options out there - can someone please advise?

i also need a device to collect and record this data and run racechrono. whatever is the least hassle and marries to these two bluetooth devices easily and gets the job done would be idea. i suppose an initial question is when will the windows mobile version come out, and on which platform is it advised that i purchase a pda/phone - the nokia platform or the windows one? any advantage/drawback to either? what will get the job done for me and is fairly cheap? please advise again.

many thanks!


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    Hi! The Windows Mobile version is now out. Just check out the news section, links to the binaries are posted there.

    Ok here's the things to look for but not always achievable:

    * An external antenna connection on the GPS. Having antenna on the roof of the car is a great benefit as there's nothing blocking the view to the satellites. Alternatively install the Bluetooth GPS receiver on the roof / outside of the glass / what ever. Bikers can use their helmet or tail section.

    * Cabled connection to the receiver instead of Bluetooth. This is not doable in S60 phones but some PDA's might work. And ultimately the Windows XP/Vista version will, that I'm going to release in coming weeks. That you can use with cheap Netbooks or UMPC's. They all have host-USB's (unlike phones which have only device-USB) and therefore allow connection of RS232/USB devices. RS232/USB is more reliable than Bluetooth. But that said, not many people are complaining about the Bluetooth being a problem, but that can still affect the data, atleast in occasions. If you're buying Bluetooth GPS, I recommend Qstarz BT-Q818X.

    * Screen size, resolution and contrast. This affects the visibility on of the numbers and data, real time and in the sunshine of the pits. Also graphs are much nicer in high resolution and screen size. So maybe Nokia 5800 (new S60 beta coming soon with better touch support), or a recent Windows Mobile touch screen device.
  • is gps exposure that much of an issue if i keep it up on my windshield?

    should i be that worried about bluetooth? does bluetooth cause many hiccups? odbkey plus the gps both bluetooth sounds like a good way to go for me so far...

    i don't need any fancy device for what's going to run race chrono, just looking for something to collect the data and create a log 5 times a second. is there one that you could advise that would be good enough to log with is internal gps without the aid of a remote bluetooth gps? how long until the obd2/obdkey will be supported in the windows mobile version?

    thoughts on these?
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    how much memory does a day's worth of tracking take up?
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    I don't think you should be too worried about the Bluetooth. But it is always better to keep the antenna/receiver on the roof than windshield as the roof is always blocking some pf the satellites.

    No internal GPS has ever matched the externals, and they are always only 1 Hz.

    Hopefully maybe few weeks for the OBD-II support in WM.

    With 5 Hz one hour of logging takes 576kB of RAM and around 10 MB of storage space (if NMEA logging is left on, without it considerably less).
  • the roof doesn't block bluetooth signal at all? what are you using to stick that device you noted on the roof?
  • To be honest I haven't attached it to roof, but front and rear glass yes. Double sided 3M tape works well.
  • should i assume no problems in using both obdkey and an external antenna both on bluetooth at the same time?
  • On most S60 phones they should work just fine together. But I have heard cases where user was forced to update the firmware to make it work. Haven't tried on WM phones yet.
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