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I'm about to build my own data-logger and wonders if there is a description of the rcz-format so I can create files and import them to the racehrono. Or is this not the correct way to integrate?

Best regards, Hannes


  • aolaol
    edited August 28

    Right now correct way to integrate DIY data logger is to provide live Bluetooth RFCOMM stream with NMEA 0183 and RaceChrono's own $RC3 sentences. There's no "offline import" facility yet, but it's on my TO-DO list, which would allow you to import a saved file (with same format) afterwards.

    Right now could still place such file to "files/input/" folder (Android only), enable "experimental devices" from expert settings, and add a "NMEA file" device in the settings. Starting a session will playback that file, effectively importing that. Slow but works.

    The RCZ format is internal and is not public, because I keep adding and changing it.
  • Ok!

    My logger should work on a bike and I dont want the phone to be on the bike/rider.

    Is it possible to collect all data to let say a sd-card and when comming back from the session upload all data? If the timestamp field in the rc3-format was to be used I guess that should work.

    Best regards, Hannes
  • aolaol
    edited August 29
    The RC3 format requires interpolated timestamp field anyways if it's streamed with GPS sentences (NMEA 0183). You can "playback" the file afterwards with Android version (see my first message), which basically imports the pre-recorded session. Proper import functionality coming later.
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