New user here :)

Well firstly i'd like to say. WOW! i'm a massive fan of this software THANK you to all involed in the project!

now that's my thanks done i have a few questions.
1) I'm using the beta release for windows mobile but i only run rally style 'stages' in my car, how do i set up the session to be for point to point? i only have the options "data logging only", "lap timint" and "performance testing"

2)presumably i run this app on my phone in the car and run my vid cam at the same time. get home, upload the data and vid and then use recechrono2avi to create the overlay?

3) COuld someone please explain what NMEA data is used for?

4) What are the high/low speed, acelleration limit and breaking limit supposed to be set to?

5) if i were to buy this.... would it bee good for a fast update?

I'm sure i'll find some more questions but for now i think that's it.

once again AMAZING software and let's hope that i can resolve these last few issues :)



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    1) Well, normally special stage track is setup as "laptiming" session, and the track is given separate Start and Finish traps instead of combined Start/Finish trap. This is how it is done for Nordschleife Bridge-to-Gantry. Only problem is that this style expects you to have "flying" start, as the Start trap is not very accurate on standing start. I'm adding a separate standing start trap in the future, which will improve the start trap for rally and hill climbing.

    2) Yes that's it basically. To be more precise you need to export the data from lap view (Options > Export), and copy the resulting file from RaceChrono\Exports\ to your PC.

    3) Mostly it's used by me to debug the software. So if anyone of you have some problems I will ask for the NMEA file first. Also if you are submitting new tracks for the online library, I will ask for the NMEA too. So switching off NMEA logging is not recommended unless you're running out of storage space.

    4) They are only used for the "hi/low speeds view" in lap timing. Defaults are fine for ordinary cars. Refer the manual for details.

    5) That looks a valid receiver with MTK 5hz chipset.
  • thanks for your reply. i think i'll just have a bit of a play around on this for the moment.

    thanks again for the software, you are a legend in your own right!

    i'll try a few vids and see how it turns out too :) so....


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