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GPS issues in karting

Hello everybody,
I tried the RaceChrono app for Android using the internal GPS for a few karting runs, but it turned out to be totally unusable due to the low GPS accuracy with constants jumps in position, crossing the path itself, etc . I had the phone attached to my chest with a "harness".
Is it normal this low accuracy using the internal GPS? Could it be the position of the phone (attached to my chest) a reason for it?

In case of buying an external GPS what would be the cheapest but still reliable option for karting? I have read good reviews about Garmin Glo, but although in the specifications it is said that supports 10Hz, seems that it is not working at 10Hz with this app, is there any reason for this? And what about the Qstarz BT-Q818XT?


  • aolaol
    edited October 2017

    The karting circuits are tough for GPS as they are usually quite tight and small. Much more accuracy is required for a karting circuit than a full size track.

    Usually internal GPS is not enough for karting, but it also depends on the phone that you use. Some are better than others, but usually I'll recommend external GPS. Phone being attached to your chest is probably not the best choice, but it probably won't help you much even if you attach it to the steering wheel.

    I'd get Garmin GLO for use with Android, despite that you'll only get 7-8 Hz. The accuracy is still better than the competition.
  • Thank you for the answer. So I think I will go for a Garmin Glo, I hope it is accurate enough for karting in tights circuits.
    By the way, attaching the phone to the steering wheel, would not affect the accelerations readings? specially the lateral acceleration (the most interesting for me) when turning the steering wheel...
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