Windows Mobile - what am I not doing?

Hi there.

Desparate to try out your software at an upcoming Nurburgring trip. I have downloaded the beta versions for WM6 and have all the files saved but how does one start the set up? I click on the set up (xml) file and all I get is a page full of what looks like html. I can't get the software to install.

No doubt I'm stupid and I've missed something but if anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks


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    Hi, do not extract the .cab file on PC. Copy the .cab file to the phone as is, and start the file from your phone (file explorer). So the .cab file is the actual installation file!
  • Thank you. That worked just fine. Now to download the Nurburgring track and hopefully away we go. Thanks for your swift help. Looking forward to trying this out!
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    Remember the track download does not work from WM beta yet. So manually download it from the track library and place the file in RaceChrono\Tracks\ in your selected storage.
  • Thanks. I just worked that out!

    I have downloaded the appropriate file however there is no file for tracks to put it in. Should I create one myself?
  • If you have started RaceChrono once, and selected correct storage location, the folder should already exists. So default is \My Documents\RaceChrono\Tracks\ and if you have changed to use some other storage (which is recommended) it is something like \Internal Storage\RaceChrono\Tracks\.
  • Thanks. I stored the application on my storage card but the file you outline above is on the phone memory and I have found it.

    I appreciate your help. Roll on Friday.
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    I'm glad to help, have fun Easter trip to the ring! I've heard lot of people going!
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