Please add GPS binary protocols (Ublox, Skytraq)

NMEA protocol has accuracy about 20 cm. Then using high update rate (20-50 hz) neighbor points looks like zigzag.
Binnary protocols has 1 cm accuracy.


  • aolaol
    edited December 2017
    Do you have more info on the binary protocols? Interested in commercial devices that support it, and the protocol definition. I have no problem supporting it if I get those.
  • @melodic how are you getting accuracy to 20cm or expect to get 1cm? not sure the protocol will give you less zigzag, its just that the GPS signal is not that accurate to not zigzag a bit

    For my motorcycle I use this module though I am getting updates at 25Hz vs the full 50

    @aol here is the binary protocol I am aware of for my Skytraq GPS

    I think the binary protocol would take less bandwidth vs the serial NMEA.

  • @melodic consumer grade GPS is typically 15m using raw GPS. Using Satellite Based Augmentation, such as WAAS, can get you down to ~2m. These limitations are based on signal time delay / phase shift thru the ionosphere, not communication protocols.

    sub 1m accuracy is really only possible using differential GPS which requires additional radio comms (not just GNSS satellites) to read ground based correction factors from a precision ground station.
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