live lap timer option

is this just an option for display during the session, independent of whether data is being recorded or not? would just like to know if while recording this unit will also display lap times i can glance down at. thanks!


  • Sorry I don't quite follow, can you rephrase a bit?
  • while logging data, does race chrono also display the time it took me to complete a lap on the screen while passing over the designated start/finish for a track?

    side question - if i get a smart phone and don't activate the phone part, i shouldn't have any problems using race chrono to log data correct?
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    Laps are timed only when recording. So the Live TImer mode will not show any running time if not recording (session is not running). RaceChrono is not even connected to the GPS while in paused state.

    But when recording, there is lap time information displayed with big numbers in Live Timer mode.

    RaceChrono will work just fine without a SIM card. All online features are then limited to Wi-Fi usage, instead of 3G/GPRS.
  • i poked around the site trying to find what those items might be. i think it's safe to say i won't have wifi on the track. i didn't note what online features i'd be missing, what are they?

    sorry for all the side questions :)
    any ETA on mobile 6 platform support for odbkey?
    any reason to believe bluetooth performance on a wm5 (upgraded to wm6) device would be poorer than a wm6 device when sourcing data from external bluetooth gps antenna and obdkey?
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    Online options are uploading and downloading tracks from the track library. But not supported yet by WM version. No ETA for OBD-II in WM yet (maybe next beta...), and I don't know about the Bluetooth performance, I guess it varies from device to device. :)
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