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How to export my old session to my new device?

I'm new here but using Race Chrono already for a few years.
In combination with an Qstarz 818XT until this year an Samsung Galaxy Ace was mountet to my Racebike.
On the Ace the Version 4.2.4 of Racechrono is running and the phone still uses Android 2.3.6
So as this isn't up to date and I replaced my S3 Neo by a New A3, I now want to transfer all my old sessions to the Galaxy S3 to use this as my new Laptimer.

Few years ago it was very simple, I just hit the share button in racechrono and send the .rcz file via bluetooth to the next device and could open it from the filemanager and save it to my sessionlist.

But now ist says, that my phone knows no app to open .rcz files... on both phones, the S3 still using racechrono testversion, and the A3 using race chrono pro.

How can I get my old files to the new phones sothat I do not lose all my Data..

Best regards, Christian

PS: on the Ace I'm logged in, but the playstore does not work any more on this phone sothat it does not refresh my account to the Pro version.


  • Hi, try sharing the sessions to Google Drive or DropBox using the apps, and then opeming from there. It should work like it used to.
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