Raspberry Pi 3 connected to RaceChrono Pro for iOS

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I was wondering if it is possible to use a Raspberry Pi 3 to transmit data to RaceChrono Pro for iOS using bluetooth.
I want to make a DIY data logger using the Pi.
Is it possible to transmit live data via Bluetooth? Or maybe WiFi?
What protocol must be used? (I am quite new to this :) )
Does $RS3 work with RaceChrono for iOS?
Can I use the phone connected to the Pi as a live dashboard for, let's say, my kart?

Are there any plans for the app to work with the QStarz BT-Q818 XT GPS receiver?

Thank you very much.


  • Currently $RC3 input does not work with iOS version, but it would be quite simple to make it work over Wi-Fi.

    I'm also thinking about similar format for Bluetooth LE, which works fine on iOS. It would need to be a completely new binary format, as there's big throughput constraints on LE.

    iOS does not support Bluetooth RFCOMM protocol, the basis of $RC3 and standard NMEA input devices, which is also the reason why there's no support for QStarz BT-Q818 XT.
  • Thank you for the information.
    Would you (or someone else) please tell me how to make it work over Wi-Fi?
    Maybe just the basic steps.

  • I meant it's simple for me to make it work, but it needs coding and a new version. Right now you can test send NMEA sentences (not RC3) by adding "Wi-Fi GPS receiver". I could add "Wi-Fi data logger" too if you'd like to have that.
  • It would be awesome to be able to connect the Raspberry Pi to the RaceChrono app.
    That way it is more versatile, users being able to make their own DIY data logging system even for cars/karts that do not have OBD capabilities.

    And the "Wi-Fi data logger" would be nice :)
    Would it be too much to ask for a time frame for implementing this (IF you implement it)? :blush:

    Thank you for taking the time to explain this.
  • Forgot to mention that I would want to use the RPi 3 connected to the RaceChrono app live on the track (not just for data analysis after the race). To see live timing, speed, rpm, etc. on the phone mounted on the steering wheel for example.
    I don't know if this is relevant.
  • Yep, $RC3 stuff is for live recording and display. I'll put the Wi-Fi data logger thing to my TO-DO (if it's not already there).
  • It is not often you get to talk to the developer of an app and he actually listens to your ideas. :)

    Any approximate ETA on the implementation of all this?

    Thank you very much.
  • Hi, no ETA, but I'll work on it when I do other input device related work next time.
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