Bluetooth GPS and DIY data logger used at the same time.

I wanted to ask if it is possible to use a Bluetooth GPS receiver (for position, lap timing and speed) alongside a DIY Datalogger (for RPM, acceleration and brake pedal position, temperature, etc.) with the RaceChrono for android app? Will be using them on a 125cc Kart.

I want to use both at the same time and all the data to be recorded by RachChrono while some of it to be displayed on the screen (is it possible to display temperature alongside timing?).

Will RachChrono accept both $RC3 and NMEA sentences at the same time?
Do I have to connect the GPS to the data logger and send all the sentences from it? Or is it possible to connect the GPS directly to the phone?
Is it possible to give me an example of sentences (both $RC3 and NMEA) in the correct order that I have to send via Bluetooth?

Will it be possible to use these on iOS ( I have the RaceChrono Pro version on iOS)?

I am new to this so sorry if this is an obvious/stupid question :)



  • I have the same idea as you, and I want to record the RPM and the temperature of the go-kart,
  • 1) You can connect two separate devices, one that outputs $RC3 and one that outputs NMEA GPS data ($RC3 counter field used). Or one device that outputs both mixed ($RC3 timestamp field used).

    2) The order of sentences does not matter...
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