No graph View in WM beta?

So far everything is going well with my WM beta. I cannot find the graph view option though. Does it not exist in this beta?


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    It does exist in current v1.20 beta, but it is sort of "hidden" if you do not have keyboard.

    If you are using keyboard, you can move up/down laps, and right/left selects full lap or sectors. When a lap/sector is selected, the first press of "select key" (aka "navi key" in Symbian phones) takes you to the "map view", and second takes you to the graph view.

    If you are using a full touch screen device, you can open the map view/graph view by selecting the lap/sector by tapping it, and then tapping the selected again to open it. Doing this in lap list will take you to map view, and from map view to graph view.

    I know this is a bit confusing, and something I need to improve. Currently things work logically if you have traditional phone with a keyboard, but some things do not translate well to the touch screen world.
  • Oh ok I found it. You just tap the lap time again on the bottom of the screen and it displays the graph view. I was trying to get it via the options button like the manual shows. Very nice job on this program. I've used Chronogps and this one is much better thanks!
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    Yes sorry the manual is a bit outdated, I've removed all those "Options > Open" items, as they are quite clumsy with both keyboard and touchscreen. But I guess here it would make sense.
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