Garmin GLO and Iphone 8 (IOS 11)


We just bought Garmin GLO and Racechrono PRO from the IOS store.

Just now we found out that GLO only works at 2-4Hz range with IOS, but almost 10Hz with Android version.

Is it something that is in the plans to be addressed, or is it inherent limitation with IOS ?

We are now a bit sad if we find out we need to buy a) Android phone b) different GPS device c) different combo (maybe harry's lap timer?)



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    Hi @par , I understand the situation is not optimal, but it is well documented in the FAQ and elsewhere in this web site. Problem is that Garmin has decided not to open their External Accessory API for app developers. To able to use it would require their approval. I doubt the situation is better on any other 3rd party app.

    On Android, apps can connect to Bluetooth RFCOMM devices without any approval from Apple or the device manufacturer.
  • Thanks @aol - we'll be using android then for now..
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