Perfect NMEA settings for better Racechrono result

Hello there...
I use racechrono with Q818extreme antenna.
With the configuration program, it's possibile not only to set the speed from 1 to 5Hz, but also to modify the NMEA sentences and their speed

look this picture, the sentences marked with "zero" are switched off

here there are the explains of data:


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    Basically you'd want to get RMC and GGA sentences as often as possible. GSV and GSA are used just for the satellites in view information, so those can be less frequent to save bandwidth. Some GPS output ZDA and VTG instead of the RMC, so that kind of setup is also supported.
  • aol should the antenna be configured to only spit out RMC and GGA then? or only RMC??
  • GSV and GSA are also needed for to be able to view the useful satellite information (not needed so often though). Also both RMC and GGA are needed. I would not recommend modifying the sentences if everything seems to be working fine.
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