Overlay data is distorted in export

Overlay data looks normal when wacthing the video in Racechono, after export to MP4 file overlay data moves step aside and also gets cursive shape. I am using IOs, Walter move 500 camera with1080/60fps.

I have tried to link mov and MP4 files to overlay data but the export problem remains.

What could the problem?


  • Hi, sounds like the pixel format on that camera is not supported by iOS or the app. Can you send a sample of a video from that camera, so I'll check if it can be fixed either on the app itself, or by FFmpeg transcoding them on PC/Mac prior uploading to phone. Upload to DropBox/Google Drive/similar and send link to tracks(at)racechrono.com. also tell me which iPhone/iPad.
  • Link to the sample video sent. I am using iPhone 7 Plus with latest iOS. Just made test file with iPhone internal camera and all OK after export so the problem is probably action cam related. Remembered that I had video/audio synch problem earlier with action cam which just disapperead after some settings and formatting the memory card.
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    I will check the files you sent. The camera may just use a pixel format that is not correctly detected by iOS, and the files may need retouching before moving to phone. I will let you know once I’ve investigated.

    PS. Maybe get a new and faster memory card. Memory card that is almost fast enough, but not quite, can cause random issues like this. The card may also be faulty.
  • Hi, Problem solved. Today I bought highger quality memory card (UHS-I class 3) and no overlay problems in export. Previous memory card was class 10 which is according to requirement for my action cam but maybe the card was really faulty or just bad quality. Thanks for the very fast support.
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