Rpm in Danas or Performance Box

Hi, I'm newer in RaceChrono, to collect data, I use a Nokia N73 & Obdkey bluetooth.
Everythink is ok, If i browse the session I can see all information, but if I export the data in .vob or .dat, and import the it into Danas or Performance Box, I can't see the RPM.
Somebody can help me ?

Best Regards


  • Uodate... I've open the .dat file and I see only gps data, no data from obd are stored inside...
  • edited April 2009
    OBD-II data is not exported to .vob or .dat at all. Reason is that I do not have example files with RPM and other OBD-II fields, from which I could see the correct file format. Do you know where to get examples?
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