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Recent Upgrade broke linked files

Before the recent update I had files linked in order covering full sessions. Now I have lost all but the 1st file on each session. If I click on "linked files" they are still showing linked, but at the bottom of the timeline they are no longer attached. Video cuts out at the end of the first file. I can not re-link the files. Has anyone else run into this since the update?


  • aolaol
    edited June 26
    @tke743 Oh no, please send me one of those sessions and I'll take a look! Share as .rcz to tracks(at)
  • I'm assuming this is GoPro files linked after another?
  • edited June 26
    @aol Yes. It is GoPro files. I will share the .rcz as requested.
  • aolaol
    edited June 26
    Yep, I did change the "link after" code, so maybe I broke it for old sessions. New sessions definitely work. I will look at this ASAP and will release a new version. Will release to Android beta group first, please join if you're using Android and this is urgent fix for you.
  • aolaol
    edited June 27
    It's a confirmed bug. The "linked after..." video files (usually GoPro "chapter" files) are not visible in Analysis or Export. This is for both old and newly created sessions. Do not try to re-link your video files, please wait for the fix in v5.4.2.
  • @aol The beta fixed the issue. TY
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