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First time user help appreciated.

Hi all, I have used this app and device's at one track day and have noticed the speedo graph and video was not consistent.(speedo erratic)
I have Racechrono Pro v 5.4.3 on my Samsung S8 phone, I connected my Gopro hero 5 silver via wifi and my Garmin Glo Gps via Bluetooth. I had the phones Gps turned off (I'm Unsure but possibly had Gopro Gps ON unintentialy)
I had the Garmin Glo selected in Chrono settings as sole Gps receiver.
I had Gopro 5 selected in Chrono settings as sole video input.
When starting each session I checked Garmin was connected and the Garmin's blue and green lights were both solid which I think meant solid Green= satellites located and blue=bluetooth connected to Device eg" phone?
Gopro video was connected and recording showing view through Racechrono app screen.
I'm sure I had seen under one of the Chrono app tabs it said the Garmin glo was connected to atleast 13 or more satellites.

I have the session with video overlay and could possibly share it somewhere if anyone would like me to in the hopes of identifying possible issues and causes.
Thanks in advance for any help everyone.


  • aolaol
    edited July 4
    RaceChrono does not use the GoPro GPS, so it's either the phone's internal GPS or Garmin GLO.

    Did you configure Garmin GLO from RaceChrono's settings, or did you use the 3rd party "Bluetooth GPS" app?

    If you did the latter, my advice is to uninstall the "Bluetooth GPS" app. Then go to RaceChrono settings and "Add GPS receiver > Garmin GLO". That way RaceChrono will connect directly to the GPS, and it will work much more reliably.
  • I'm pretty sure I used chrono but I will remove and reconnect before my next usage, most likely play around with it prior to track. Is the chrono version I'm running currently working ok with bluetooth to gps and wifi to camera, no known conflict etc?
  • No known problems, your setup is pretty common.
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    Thanks, appreciate your help mate. Oh one last question, how do we trim video and share to things like YouTube or Facebook etc?
  • Where did you have the GLO installed? Make sure it has clear view to sky, like the dashboard near windshield.
  • Here's the instructions for video exporting:
  • I had the Garmin Glo in my inner chest pocket of my one piece racesuit I wear along with my phone which was running the RaceChrono Pro app (I Ride a Yamaha R1 Superbike).
    I could easily mount it around the windshield/speedo dash or fuel tank area of the bike.
    Would my chest pocket with my chest leaning over it in a race stance possibly be restricting its satellite signal too much?
    I will bike mount it next time regardless for trial and error test anyway.
    I've been playing with the app and I'm currently uploading my first video to my YouTube channel. Also I've specified the laps to start and finish from which will give me some insight into how it works.
    Do you know or have you heard much feedback regarding how accurate the Garmin Glo is for use with high speed lap timing like this?
  • aolaol
    edited July 5
    I think that's the problem you've been having, external GPS inside your leathers doesn't work that much better than a phone's internal GPS, considering the usual race bike stance. Get some velcro or 3M dual-lock and attach the GPS to your bike's tail section. Notice the receiver is not water proof, so you could consider doing that somehow too.

    I've used Garmin GLO in a race car on Nordschleife/Nurburgring, and I've been very happy with results.
  • Thanks aol, appreciate your feedback and taking the time mate, I've got the portable friction mount, I've trimmed its excess off and fixed it with adhesive inside my bikes windshield securely so I can easily slot the glo into it for use. I dont think I've had any connection issues between my Samsung S8 and the Garmin or Gopro so I'm presuming my phones safe to be carried in my chest pocket without negative effect?
    Unless you recommend otherwise?
    Also would Bluetooth Fix be advantageous or pointless?

    Oh Ps lol" I only ride track days, not race days for now. I only ride in the dry and always running full slicks which I manage to lose traction and save atleast twice each track day just fine without adding nature's lube to the equation so that being said the Garmin is safe from the elements thanks bud! Lol
  • Bluetooth connection is fine if you have the phone in your pocket. It's the satellites signal that's very sensitive.
  • Hi all,

    I just installed RaceChrono in my Samsung S7 and tested with internal camera & internal GPS. It is working perfectly!!

    BUT, after that I had connected my Gopro 4 Silver to another test, and the video was fine, but internal GPS has registered only the first and last point, not all the circuit. I made also a test without camera, to check only the GPS and have the same result.

    Obs: I am using the phone on my pocket. Usually I use the phone as GPS in my pocket without issues, so I believe that it is acquiring sattelite signal.

    Does somebody any tip to use racechrono with this configuration (Gopro + Internal GPS inside pocket)??

    Thanks in advance,

  • aolaol
    edited July 5
    Well the WiFi connection to GoPro could interfere with the internal GPS (that has already very low signal due being in your pocket). Usually internal GPS does not work from pocket, so I'd never recommend doing that. External GPS are not expensive, and will improve data quality, even if the phone was not in your pocket.
  • Just a note, internal gps rate on phones are very poor refresh rates in comparison to actual gps tracking devices. I'm pretty sure from researching myself, most if not all phones gps are 1-2hz (1× refresh per second)
    Opposed to GPS devices running 10hz (10× refresh per second) Which means much more accurate data.
  • Yes, the internal GPS are always 1 Hz. External ones are usually between 1-20 Hz. Also I’d recommend sticking with my recommended list (see the FAQ).
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    Thank you guys, I've already ordered a Qstarz bt-q818xt, but unfortunately I am in Brazil and will take loooooong time to arrive here. I did a test with gopro in my car with phone on the passenger seat and it works fine, so I believe that the problem is the pocket when riding my motorcycle.

    Lets wait for the external GPS unit to test again.

    Have a nice weekend!!

  • @MarceloArana yes, that's definitely the problem. The internal GPS will work much better with phone on passenger seat, than in your leathers. Although it's not the optimal place for the phone either.
  • Thanks @aol, I will make another test once external GPS receiver arrives and post the results.
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