Newbie with RaceChrono, New Track generated

First of all, congratulations of this amazing software!!

Last weekend I was evaluating RaceChrono with my nokia S3 and GPS Qstarz 818 normal (1HZ, Today I've buy in ebay the 818X with 5Hz and 66 chanel). My problem is I see the graph and some laps in several points are very diferents (bad) from the original track of the circuit. See my screen photo to see this... I upload my Danas analized and the original design of the circuit.

I'm trying to create the new track of the Castelloli circuit Designed by Dani Pedrosa in Spain.

It's possible that desviation by the 1Hz GPS?? I ride Motorbike and the GPS is top of the bike....

Thank's in advance


My generated Session:


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    Hi, your GPS data looks bad. There is few things you can do to fix it. Install the GPS receiver so that there unobstructed view to the sky. On a car, have the receiver on the center dashboard, very near the windshield. On a bike, have it attached in the tail section. Do not put the receiver to any hidden compartments or such! I hope this helps.

    I added the Castelloli Circuit yesterday, so no need to create it. Just download it from the library! :)
  • Thank's for the new track!!!! NExt round I will test your track and I test my new 5Hz Qstarz!

    Thank's for your great work!
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