Can we still Import NMEA files?

How do I import and NMEA file and turn it into a racechrono session on android? I have found all the references saying its possible and a few on how to do it, but I just can't get it to work.

I have tried placing the nmea file in the "input" folder but nothing happens on app load or by going into sessions. I can import the data into the old PC version fine, in fact by enabling NMEA debugging in the current version it will replay the data fine. I also tried manually creating the /RaceChrono/input folder and placing the nmea file in it (versus the Racechrono input folder in the "Android" folder). I also created the /RaceChrono/sessions folder so as to get the folder option in the app in case that was how you are meant to import nmea.

Any help would be appreciated. I am using a large number of Q1000XT modded to 5hz logging spread across many cars so pairing with bluetooth isn't an option, I need a form of importing the data after the fact.


  • Yes,

    1) Place the file to /Android/data/com.racechrono(.app/.pro)/files/input/

    2) Enable Settings > Expert settings > Experimental devices

    3) Add new GPS with "NMEA input" type

    4) Start a new session
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